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FREE TO ACCESS, Med Sailing is a comprehensive information resource for all Mediterranean sailors. PLACES offers up to date information about marinas, ports, & anchorages so that you can choose the right place to spend the night. CHARTER has over 200 charter companies listed with summary details of what they do, plus a selection of Private Yacht holidays of all kinds. SERVICES shows our recommended restaurants, shops, supermarkets, and services for your yacht. SCHOOLS is to let you choose the right RYA sailng school for your needs. CREW lets skippers and crew publish details of the cruise where a skipper needs a crew or a crew is looking for a trip.


Moderate cruising options & marinas galore with mild winter weather, living costs are low and eating out is good and inexpensive.


France's Mediterrean coast is uninspiring. Marinas there are aplenty at moderate prices, but of scenic beauty there is little.


A number of highly attractive cruising areas of which Sicily and Sardinia are the best known. The Italian Riviera is also worthy of attention.


TThe richest cruising grounds in Europe with immense variety, safe anchorages, inexpensive municipal harbours with warm welcoming locals.


Endless islands and safe anchorages, the cruising permit is expensive and dealing with Croatian officialdom takes you back to Communist times. Marinas are very pricey and anchoring is often private and equally expensive.


Despite its mammoth coastline, in reality total cruising options in Turkey are much more limited than in neighbouring Greece. Between Bodrum and Finke there are however numerous attractive towns and a plethora of safe anchorages.


Although a small area and having a population of only 460,000 in all, Malta is a popular destination particularly for over-wintering with its mild climate. Besides Valetta there are numerous attractive anchorages in all the islands of the archipelago. Facilities are however very limted and early reservation is essential.


Cyprus has an island climate with daily breezes that can get strong in the afternoons. It is usually calm at night. The summers are very hot and humid and winters are generally mild and pleasantly sunny. September to November are usually the best months for cruising. Marina facilities are limited and safe anchorages almost non-existent.


All Tunisian ports are within reach of colourful towns and your yacht can be left safely to visit the interior. For those wishing to get a taste of Africa, without actually leaving the Mediterranean, Tunisia is undoubtedly the best choice.


Sandwiched between Trieste in Italy and Croatia just to the south, Slovenia is not a major cruising ground in its own right, but more a stopover. However its marinas Izola and Koper are highly regarded technically and as an attractive winter storage option.


Montenegro has a short coastline separating Albania from Croatia. Apart from the Gulf of Kotor, cruising opportunities are very limited. However Montenegro is not a member of the EU, so may form part of a "schengen shuffle" plan for non EU citizens.


The main ports of entry, Durres, Vlore and Saranda are all commercial ports with few or no facilities for visiting yachts. There is a new marina at Orikum, near Vlore with some facilities, and a marina planned for Durres.


Although visiting the country is essential if intending to go through the Suez Canal, visitng the interior is not reccomended.


The Israeli coast is low with no natural harbors or anchorages and visiting yachts have the choice of only a few marinas and ports. An unexciting coastline, stringent security controls, and recurring internal problems have understandably kept most cruising yachts away.


Bordering the Mediterranean to the North and the Atlantic to the west, Morocco extends a warm welcome to visiting yachtsmen. Infrastructure is not extensive with the exception of Tangier and the Casablanca area.

Atlantic Islands

We have included the Canaries, Azores, Madeira, and Cape Verde because so many Mediterranean yachtsmen also venture there. Legally the Canaries are part of Spain, but there are local taxes and customs.


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